Philips Perfect Draft HD3620

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The Philips Perfect Draft HD3620 is the machine if you like a variety of beers. Currently there are 40+ different beers available. It holds 6 litre kegs (10.5 pints). The Philips Perfect Draft cools to 3 degrees Celsius. In addition, it builds pressure in the keg itself. Thanks to the display on the front (except for the HD3610) you can see how much beer is left in the keg.

What is the difference between the Perfect Draft models?

The order is from old to new: 3600 – 3610 – 3620 – 3720.

  • All Perfect Drafts hold 6L kegs.
  • The 3600, 3620 and 3720 have a display where you can see how much beer is in the keg. The 3620 and 3720 have the feature that you can see how long the beer will keep.
  • The 3610 is the cheap version of the 3620 and 3720.


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