Our variety of perfectdrafts are now even easier to choose from. They each now have a score. 1/5 to 5/5 (bad to best). You don’t have to worry about their functionality. All of our machines are tested to make sure they are in great working condition. Some of our HD3600 perfectdrafts are equipped with modified tap unit. but dont worry. You won’t see or feel the difference when pouring your pint.

The conditions:


1/5 means oxidated chrome parts and badly scratched. If parts are missing that will be discribed.

2/5 means chrome parts can contain heavy oxidation. Some scratches on the machine.

3/5 means no oxidation on the chrome and only a few scatches

4/5 means no oxidation on the crome and hardly any sign of usage.

5/5 means our best available machine. Ususaly in retail packaging (if available). Hardly any sign of usage.