Philips Perfect Draft


Are you considering treating yourself, or a loved one, to a Philips Perfect Draft home-tap? But are you
still not sure which tap fits the bill? Mrbeermachine is pleased to help. We want you to have the best
home draft experience, and by sharing our knowledge and passion for home taps we try to do just
that. In this article we will thoroughly explain the differences (and similarities) between the different
Philips Perfect Draft models.

HD3620 Perfect Draft Philips


There are four Philips Perfect Draft models. The 3600, 3610, 3620 and 3720. All models (excluding the 3720) have the same dimensions of 29 (w) x 44 (h) x 49 cm including the handle and drip tray. All four offer a wide range of beer brands, with over 40 different drafts. They operate on 6-liter kegs, this equals to about 10 perfect pints. The beer is cooled to a perfect temperature of 3 degrees Celsius. The home taps have real tap handles that are safe for children and easy to remove for cleaning. They also contain a removable dishwasher proof drip tray. All products are designed to use comfortably, and their designs will be a great asset to your kitchen or man cave.


With Philips Perfect Drafts the difference lies in the details. The earliest model was introduced in 2005, with the HD3600. This home tap operates up to 30 degrees Celsius and cools your beer to 3 degrees in an average of 15 hours starting at room temperature (23°C). This ensures your beer to be fresh up to 28 days.

The HD3600 is provided with a screen that will inform you about the amount of beer that is left in the keg. This Perfect Draft model it has a weight of about 8.5 kilograms.

Perfect Draft HD3610 (philips)


If you prefer a budget-friendlier model, the 3610 is a great recommendation. This model was introduced in 2007. It weighs a bit less than the 3600 model (about 7.5 kgs) but its dimensions and cooling specifications are the same. The biggest difference is that it does not contain a screen, and therefore it’s the simpler model of the Perfect Drafts.

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Another model, also introduced in 2007, is the 3620 and it weighs about 8 kgs. This is a more premium option for the real home tap enthusiasts in comparison to the earlier mentioned models. It’s sleek black and chrome detailed exterior in combination with improved specifications makes this a great home draft system. The beer still cools to 3 degrees Celsius, but in a shorter period of about 12 hours average. Which keeps your keg quality stay good up to 30 days. It also contains an improved screen that not only tells you how much beer you have left, but also when it’s at the right temperature. The freshness indicator shows how long the beer will remain fresh for an optimal taste experience.

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HD3620 Perfect Draft Philips
Perfect Draft 3720


And finally, the king of home draft machines. The 3720 has a beautiful black, chrome and real metal exterior. It’s the leaner model with dimensions of 26 (w) x 44 (h) x 49 cm and it has a weight of around 8 kgs. It operates on a max. temperature of 32 degrees Celsius and cools the beer in an average of 12 hours. It contains the same deluxe screen as the earlier 3620 model. The machine keeps your keg quality stay good up to 30 days. This is 2 days longer than the 3600 and 3610 model and longer than any beer machine on the market.

Want to see them for yourself? Take a look at the 3600, 3610, 3620 and the 3720 here. We from Mrbeermachine hope to have helped you make your choice easier and that you will enjoy your Philips Perfect Draft. Cheers!

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