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Philips Perfect Draft Machine

The Philips Perfect Draft is a high quality keg machine. This advanced draught machine will pour the perfect amount of beer into your glass, every time. The Perfect Draft is a compact system, designed for home use. You can turn any kitchen into a home-bar with this stylish beermachine. The home-tap is also very easy to use; just plug it in and start pouring your favourite draft beers at home.

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About the Perfect Draft machine

The Philips Perfect Draft is the machine if you like a variety of beers. Currently there are 40+ different beers available. It holds 6 litre kegs (10.5 pints). The Philips Perfect Draft cools to 3 degrees Celsius. In addition, it builds pressure in the keg itself. Thanks to the display on the front (except for the HD3610) you can see how much beer is left in the keg.

Why the Perfect Draft?

  • Perfectly poured - Enjoy 10+ pints per keg, always perfectly poured into your glass.
  • Easy to use - Plug and play, let the machine do the work while you enjoy your pint.
  • Chilled beer - The cooler will chill the beer to the perfect temperature of 3°C.
  • High quality - This beermachine is built to last. Also, it looks amazing.
  • Variety of beers - There are more than 45 beer kegs available for the Perfect Draft.
  • 30 days fresh - Keep your beer carbonated longer than any other home tap on the market.